OWSR No. 42: Fifteenmile Creek

Mountain Biking above Fifteenmile Creek

Mountain Biking above Fifteenmile Creek | Photo: Zach Collier

Quick Facts

  • Managing Agency: Mount Hood National Forest (USFS)
  • Designated Stretch: From it's source at Senecal Spring to near the Mount Hood National Forest Boundary
  • Designation Length: 11.1 miles (10.5 miles Wild and 0.6 miles Scenic)
  • Outstanding Remarkable Values: Wildlife, historical resources, recreation and Fisheries
  • Wild and Scenic River Designation: March 30, 2009 under the 2008 Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009

More Information

Celebrated by Zach Collier and Dan Martin on July 1, 2018 by mountain biking on the Fifteen Mile Creek Trail.


Oregon's Fifteenmile CreekZach Collier: I try and ride this stunningly beautiful and physically punishing trail once a year. Usually I wait until the fall when my legs are in shape from a summer of riding and the temperatures are a bit cooler. The ride starts at Fifteen Mile Campground and follows the ridge on the right side ofFifteenmile Creek. It's fun riding with stunning views of the creek. After a few miles the river descends through technical singletrack down to the creek. This is a wonderful place to relax for a bit.

From the creek it's a 2300 foot grueling climb back to Fifteenmile Creek Campground. The trail follows the left side of the creek for much of the ride offering great views of this small stream covered in logs. After punishing ourselves by riding and pushing our bikes back up we enjoyed the solitude of the Fifteenmile Creek Campground before heading home.

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