OWSR No. 50: North Fork John Day

North Fork Crooked River

Scouting Granite Creek Falls on the North Fork John Day | Photo: Zachary Collier

Quick Facts

  • Managing Agency: Umatilla National Forest and Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (USDA Forest Service)
  • Designated Stretch: From headwaters to confluence with Camas Creek
  • Length: 54.1 miles (27.8 miles Wild, 10.5 miles Scenic, and 15.8 mile Recreational)
  • Outstanding Remarkable Values: Fish, History, Recreation, Scenery, and Wildlife

More Information

Celebrated by Zach Collier, Yann Crist-Evans, and Doug Wiedwald on May 29-31, 2023 by kayaking through the North Fork John Day Wilderness.


Portaging a log on the North Fork John DayZach Collier: This is a trip I've been trying to do for many years but struggled to find a group to go when the flows are right. We launched at the NF-052 bridge at around 5,600 feet and enjoyed the clean, crisp air of the mountains. The Run started with continuous whitewater for the first few miles and then eased up a bit the rest of the way. We took our time so we could keep an eye for wood in the river and carefully portage around 8 logs we ran into along the way. The camping was wonderful and we didn't see anyone else while we were on the river. Camping at the confluence with Granite Creek was a highlight.

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