ORWS No. 2: Rogue River

Rogue River

High Water on the Rogue River through Hellgate Canyon | Photo: Zachary Collier

Quick Facts

  • Managing Agency: Rogue River-Siskyou National Forest (USDA Forest Service) and Medford District (BLM)
  • Designated Stretch: From the mouth of the Applegate River downstream to the Lobster Creek Bridge
  • Length: 84.5 miles (33.6 miles Wild, 7.5 miles Scenic, and 43.4 miles Recreational)
  • Outstanding Remarkable Values: Natural Scenic Qualities, Fisheries Resource, Recreational Opportunities
  • Wild and Scenic River Designation: October 2, 1968 as part of the original Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

More Information

Celebrated by Zachary Collier, Erik Weiseth, Michael Hughes, and J.R. Weir on January 18, 2017 by paddling down Jump Off Joe Creek to the Rogue River and taking out at Hog Creek Boat Ramp.


Zach kayaking the Rogue RiverZach Collier: My first trip down the wild secion of the Rogue River was in 1997. I paddled from Grave Creek to Foster Bar with my 3 best friends in 2 days. The biggest highlight from this first trip was kayaking through Mule Creek Canyon. We camped at a small unnamed camp on the left side of the river below Blossom Bar.

I went on to be a guide on the Rogue River and am now an outfitter offering overnight trips on the Wild section. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act I joined my friends J.R. Weir, Erik Weiseth, and Michael Huges for a float down Jump Off Joe Creek from Merlin to the confluence with the Rogue River on January 18, 2017. It rained all day and the Rogue River was rising fast. By the time we hit the Rogue River it was flowing about 15,000 cfs. We paddled the "Recreational" section of the Rogue River a short distance from the confluence with Jump Off Joe Creek to the Hog Creek Boat Ramp.

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